Bucket List

(Forever Under Construction)

Got to Ireland with my mom

Watch the sun come up in the woods with my dad

Write a book to my son

Go to Disney

Go to Wild Kingdom

Go on African Safari

Climb Machu Picchu

See the Northern Lights

Participate in an ARG

Sleep in an ice hotel

Ride a horse

Ride an elephant

Ride a camel

Ride a mechanical bull

Drive across the country

Learn to ride a motorcycle

Write a short story

Write a collection of poetry

Write a book

Start a blog

Travel to California

Travel to Alaska

See Seattle

Hike the Appalachian trail

Help people

Peru con jeje

Start my own business

Start my own consulting firm

Try a spiritual fast

Go ghost hunting with tech for funsies

Complete my first 5k in over a decade

Take an art class

Go to college

Graduate college

Learn Spanish fluently

Buy a house with a backyard

Take horseback riding lessons

See the Grand Canyon

Attend Gnostic Mass

See Niagara Falls






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