The Future Evolution of Humanity? (maybe)

I did a Q&A in Chaos Magick Group on facebook (the cool one) several weeks ago.

I got asked a lot of questions from silly to serious, but I wanted to share this one because I made me stop and think. I’ve posted my response below, but will likely be coming back to this subject again and again. It was my first inclination to rewrite this with more depth and to also bring in other ideas that I had not touched on in this particular response. I decided instead to just post it as is, and move on to new work, allowing myself a point from which to compare the evolution of my own thoughts on the matter.

What do you think the future evolution of humanity will involve?


What do I think the future evolution of humanity will involve? The way this question was worded I had to really sit back and think of it. I was not asked what I want it to be, how I think it will go, or what I think can be done to direct it to a serious place.

But instead, what will it involve.

I think the future evolution of humanity will involve the same things that it has always, but in different forms. I think that the internet is by far the most catastrophic invention injected into our previous evolutionary timeline.

It completely changed the game by speeding it up.

Variation, selection, heredity.

As time goes on it seems to me that we are connecting on a more global level because of new technologies, and in doing such we are recognizing similarities more easily across cultures. Granted the differences can be vast, and this is never universal, but I think that if we examine history even just as far back as a couple of generations, things that seemed revolutionary (such as the civil rights movement for example) are today seen as necessary and obviously needed changes, by the majority of people. As we merge together with technology and each other I think that human evolution will also evolve along these lines and will eventually include transhumanism as well as globalization, which of course will be hotly debated and damned by a few subsets or nodes of people for various reasons.

I already see technology as a product of our intellectual evolution both in literal physiological changes promoting neurodiversity but also practical habits. As our lifestyles change what we evolve to adapt to will as well. I feel like the evolutionary process is very cyclic, and the patterns that have always presented themselves will still hold true, just with a different amounts and degrees of variation, increasing the potentials of numerous outcomes.

I think that information injections will be more important than ever before, and philosophy will maintain its degree of relative importance to humanity as being intrinsically part of our social makeup and situational dissection processes. I think therefore I am and all of that. However this is a time where practical applications of philosophy will enjoy a renewed day in the sun, with so many different voices talking at once we will once again try en masse to make sense of it all.

I think that “revolution” memes are strong right now because we sense these fundamental changes in human interaction having a profound effect on culture. Revolution memes have always existed, and probably always will, it seems to me to be part of the human system at large: the compulsion to create change. I think that social justice warriors, as annoying as some of them might be, play an important part memetically in how we perceive right and wrong as humans, and brings to light issues some might never have considered. I think that ultimately all movements fail in that they attempt to become permanent, however it is not the longevity of the movement that determines failure in my opinion, it’s the degree of overall change it helps to promote in line with its ideals or combined will of its members.

The belief that people can create change seems to be rising in popularity over general apathy. I think this is win and my personal biases cause me to believe that much of this is due to magicians on multiple scales – from classic ceremonialists to ancient orders to media magicians- you can see their messages playing out on multiple fronts. Occult is trending in pop culture right now, I believe there is a reason for this.

I think that sciences will continue to expand on our limited understanding of the universe and will still encounter resistance as it always has. I do think this resistance will overall lose support however due to the current meme streams against religious oppression coupled with natural but enflamed human curiosity.

I also think at any given time we could create another game changing injection that will completely make null and void everything I have said above.

In the end we can change as much as we like but the only evolution that we can consciously direct is our own personal evolution. To me this is by far the most important, the inherent power of the individual.

Welcome to the great conversation.

Welcome to the Infinite current.